January 17, 2006

Farewell Christmas

Not sure why, but this year.... I'm having a hard time letting go of Christmas.

Maybe it's because it was the 'lil guy's first.... but putting all the stuff away is just bringing me down. Don't get me wrong -- I hate Christmas shopping....and all the stress and family-nonsense associated with the holiday itself..... I keep swearing to the Big Dubya that next year we are just staying home. But it seems like this year... Christmas was that much more special..... and now, it's all over......

The house has lost that pine scent..... the mantle just has a few pictures, now. There is no more excitement when we go to the mailbox.... we know there aren't anymore photos of friends' children coming.... just bills from holiday over-spending. The neighborhood is a bit dark now.... as the holiday lights are slowly but surely coming down.

There is no holiday quite like Christmas...... and it's only 341 days away


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