January 25, 2006

How old is Mrs Big Dubya?

So..... in general, I've been a bit less than open with my coworkers about my age. I know that I'm younger than most, older than some, but..... I don't know.... the older I get, the less I like people knowing.

In the past couple of days, I've been discussing a new job opportunity with a big cheese at work. In the course of the conversation, I asked him if he'd like a copy of my resume.... to help get familiar with the work I did prior to joining the firm I'm with now. At first he said no, and then he said yes..... so, I scampered home and dusted off the old resume and added some of the stuff I've done lately. The Big Dubya was a champ and did his best proof-reading work..... but I was suddenly struck by the fact that all of the positions I've held since graduating college were all there in black & white..... including the dates!

The jig is up..... they are all going to know how old I am!!

Now, I know that when I interview somebody, I usually do some quick math to see how old/young the person is..... why would I expect anything less from anyone else?

I considered omitting my first job or two out of college.... they aren't that important anyway, right? Then I thought about it some more and realized that they might take my years of work experience into account when they calculate my new salary...... hmmmmm money..... I suppose it's not a big deal, but.... Ugh, I hate getting old.


Sue said...

I'm having a hard time with the age thing myself now. Mostly with the fact that I don't feel like I thought this age would, and that I keep thinking of myself as "just out of college"....except that was almost 16 years ago now! Which just doesn't seem possible.

Kara said...

i just overhauled my resume last week...and it made me hate my job even more when i saw how BORING it in in black and white. but the age thing? i actually like having my graduation date out there because i was 24 when i got my BA, whereas most people are 22ish so i always feel it makes me seem a year or two younger than i actually am. and it never hurts when i meet someone in person whom i've had phone/ email conversations with and they say 'wow. you're younger than i thought you'd be.' but in all honesty that hardly ever happens.

Kara said...

P.S. at least you're not as old as your husband. :)

heh heh

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