January 10, 2006

I felt yucky!

So sorry for the lack of posts as of late..... Mrs Big Dubya got a nasty dose of some sort of stomach flu. It started off on Saturday night when the Patriots trounced the Jags..... Mr Big Dubya enjoyed a couple of adult beverages, while Mrs Big Dubya decided to polish off a bottle of wine. So, on Sunday when Mrs Big Dubya woke up feeling less than 100%, Mr Big Dubya replied with a whitty..... are you sure you aren't just hung-over? I couldn't argue.... it certainly was a possibility, but I didn't feel hung-over.... I felt sick. Around noontime the 'lil guy needed a nap, so I decided the two of us would lie down together.... and it was all down hill from there. I don't want to be too graphic, but let's just say this was not a hang-over!

The Big Dubya was a champ..... he went above and beyond the call of duty. In addition to taking care of the 'lil man who has a miserable cold, he waited on me hand-and-foot and tackled the unpleasant load of laundry that resulted after the 'lil man puked all over himself, me & our bed.

Fortunately, I am back to normal today -- and, on the bright side -- this has done wonders for my diet.


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