September 29, 2005

Good Morning

Once upon a time, the alarm clock would go of – I would hop in the shower, then while I was getting dressed the Big Dubya would shower, while I was drying my hair the Big Dubya would be getting dressed (and warming up the cars if the weather called for it)…. We were a well-oiled machine…. We could get out of the house in no time.

‘Lil Dubya’s arrival changed all that, and we aren’t having an easy time establishing a new routine – the scary part is that we have yet to have a day where we were both going to work and dropping the little guy off at “school” (guilty-parent-speak for daycare).

Monday and Tuesday Granny stayed at our house and babysat – so other than my having to feed him…. the little guy was off our hands. Yesterday and today the Big Dubya’s at home with him and again, I should have been able to feed him and hand him off. Tomorrow is Mommy and ‘Lil Dubya day – I’ve got nowhere to go, so the Big Dubya can get up and out at his leisure. But, starting next week, not only do the Big Dubya and I have to get ourselves off to work, but we’ll also need to drop off the little guy UGH!

You wouldn’t think that this would require intricate choreography…. But it does! I have to ensure that the little guy gets fed, changed, dressed and is prevented from sustaining any injury that the “teachers” (guilty-parent-speak for daycare people or babysitters) would feel compelled to report to the authorities – not to mention put together and pack up all bottles of breast milk required for the day. All the while, I also need to be getting myself ready for work, meaning -- shower, get dressed, dry hair (in the interest of time, this step has been surrendered lately), pack lunch, pack up all pumping necessities (pump, pump parts, icepacks, cooler, bottles….)

Don’t get me wrong, the Big Dubya also has an incredibly full morning routine…. he gets up, showers, offers to burp the ‘lil guy, checks to see if the RedSox won (they didn’t) and then to see if the Yankees lost (they didn’t), grumbles some really foul four-letter-words the baby probably shouldn't hear, gets dressed, fixes himself a cup of coffee, checks email, looks to see if we won PowerBall, surfs the internet…..


Kara said...

there's no better way to make an organized person feel useless than to stick a baby in their home and tell them they have to get to work on time.

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