September 9, 2005

Irish Twins!

No, we are not expecting again, but......... it is quite tempting.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post.... we have enough tiny chairs to welcome another tiny ass into our little family.... in fact, we have enough baby gear to cover a couple more 'Lil Dubyas and.... we could even spare some stuff to get Baby Buffalo #2 started if the Buffalos decide to expand their herd (is "herd" the right word for Cape Buffalos?).

Both of the Big Dubya's brothers had their children close together.... Medium J's two sons are only 13 months apart, while his youngest brother's children are 16 months apart. Oh, and did I mention that the Big Dubya and Medium J are almost exactly a year apart. For the children, it's like having a built-in best friend.... for the parents, it's somewhat practical.

Sure, there are arguments against having them so close together. I know my close friend Miss America is expecting her #2 any day now.... and she cherished the 2 3/4 years that she had to dote exclusively on her daughter. Aunt P and I are almost 3 years apart, Uncle RoRo and I are 7 years apart -- yet, we are all still very close despite the age difference.

If we decide to give the little guy a brother or a sister.... I hope it's soon. I say "hope" because there is still the matter of convincing the Big Dubya that this is the way to go. He hasn't ruled it out, yet he isn't quite on board yet either. I think this is where the "maternal amnesia" comes in..... when the 'Lil Dubya arrived early (see here and here for a refresher) the Big Dubya had the bajeezus scared out of him -- in fairness, we both did. Had he not demanded that we call the doctor and subsequently go to the hospital (I wanted to tough it out at home), the baby and I both could have died. I don't mean to be overly dramatic, but -- plain and simple that's the truth. He remembers it all so vividly that he still gets a little misty when people talk about those first few days. Me on the other hand, maybe it's the "maternal amnesia" that makes mothers forget the horrors of childbirth or maybe it's the drugs there were lots of drugs -- and they were the good ones, it's as if it's a story -- it's like it happened to someone else.

The doctors say that it could happen again, but it's just as likely that it won't. But we are so much smarter this time.... we know what to watch out for, the doctors would monitor me closely and would see it coming so much sooner...... The Big Dubya initially said he couldn't go through it all again.... but it has since changed to "maybe" so, who knows.... it's too late for Irish Twins, but... I won't throw out the maternity clothes just yet.


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