September 18, 2005

I'm not going to tell you what to do, but...

Since 'Lil Dubya's arrival, my mother (Granny) has done her very best to stick to her role as Granny.... rather than that of mother. 'Lil Dubya is her first grandchild and she's tickled.... my mother was born to be a grandmother.

It's been a bit of a challenge for her to realize that we are going to do things our way..... and they may not always be her way. I think she's convinced herself that starting a sentence with "I'm not going to tell you what to do, but..." turns her statements from directives to advice. The Big Dubya's mother is quite different.... the 'Lil Dubya is her sixth grandchild.... so she keeps her advice to herself unless she's asked. I'm guessing that the Big Dubya's sisters-in-law broker her in for me. Now that she's up to number six, she probably just goes back to all her friends and let's them know all the things I'm doing wrong!

Another thing that's quite amusing (and drives the Big Dubya bonkers) is that being off the boat from Ireland, Granny's old school -- mothers are the primary caregivers. When we were small, she did all the feeding, rocking, diaper changing.... it's not that my Dad didn't pull his weight, but his contributions were in other, non-baby-related areas. Granny is constantly amazed at how the men in the 'Lil Dubya's life handle and care for him. When she sees the Big Dubya rocking, diaper changing or soothing -- she's quick to remark "He's so good with him".... prompting me to think "Well yeah Mam, he's his father!"

She's even more shocked that my brother (Uncle RoRo) is "good with him". Granted, Uncle RoRo isn't first in line for diaper duty, but he didn't shy away from holding the little guy -- even when he was an intimidating 4lbs.

Truth be told, I'm still not really sure what "good with him" means.... does it mean "gets him to stop crying", "makes him laugh", "doesn't let his head flop around" or does it mean "dresses him in clothes that match", "turns the swing on with great finnesse" or maybe it simply means "hasn't dropped him yet". I dunno.... Granny's coming to babysit for a couple of days, as I have to go back to work tomorrow (sniff), so maybe I'll ask her.


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