September 5, 2005

40 years of love, laughs....

Recently, friends of ours (see Cape Buffalo) celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.... 10 years ...WOW. Of all of our married friends, these are among the most happily married.... but still..... 10 years is a long time....WOW. They are an interesting twosome because although they are very, very different.... they compliment each other incredibly well..... I can't really imagine them any way other than together (along with their Baby Buffalo of course).

On Friday night, the Big Dubya and I traveled to Boston (with the 'Lil Dubya in tow) for a surprise celebratory dinner with my in-laws. The Big Dubya & I, along with his two brothers and their wives, treated Dubya's parents to a night on the town to commemorate their 40 years of wedded bliss. We arrived at their house for pre-game cocktails and they were shocked..... imagine their surprise when the limo driver arrived at the front door and ushered the eight of us to a steak dinner at Morton's.

We had a lovely evening of laughing, story telling & reminiscing..... these days it is quite rare for the 4 couples to be in the same place... even holidays seem to be spent apart, and as time goes on, I suspect evenings like this one will become more and more rare. It was the least we could do to mark a momentous occasion.... I couldn't help but wonder if the 'Lil Dubya would be coordinating a similar dinner for us in 36 years..... hmmmmmm..... and would he have a sibling to help him?

The Buffalos, my parents, the Big Dubya's parents..... all living breathing proof that the institute of marriage, as antique as it is, still works -- there is something very comforting about that.


Kara said...

oh you sweet thing. and thanks to your adorable son, the hubby buffalo has been more amorous than usual. probably more than you wanted to know but we're just doing our part to keep the bliss in wedded bliss. can't wait to attend the 40th anniversary party that declan and maggie throw for you guys... once they're married, of course. in a few years, that age difference won't matter.
miss you guys!!

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