September 12, 2005

Your name in lights

My friend Miss America, is due to have her baby any day now...... and still, she & Mr America (well, Canada actually) don't have the little dude/dudette named yet (Yes, she's one of us who didn't "find out")

Naming your child is quite difficult..... when she had her first child, she had it narrowed down to a couple of names but as soon as she saw her little angel's face -- the choice was clear. Same is true for the Buffalos... their little Buffalo's name was decided, and then once they saw her -- the middle name & first names were flipped..... the Big Dubya & I didn't meet Maggie until she was 3, but we can't imagine calling her anything else.

Miss America has chosen her step-father's last name as her baby-to-be's middle name -- so that is decided, but the first name seems to escape them. They've got several candidates, but they just aren't 100% on the same page.... Mr America has suggested waiting until they see the child.... thinking that again, the choice will be clear. Miss America (like myself) is a bit more of a control freak and wants to have the decision made.....

The Big Dubya and I had the 'Lil Dubya named before he was even conceived (I told people we were still deliberating so that I wouldn't have to answer questions if we changed our minds).... yet, had he been a girl we would have been screwed -- we were all over the road. I knew what I wanted, and I suspect the Big Dubya would have given in, but... it was by no means decided.

I'm sure the Americas will choose something perfect and I can't wait to meet him or her.


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