September 10, 2005

Movin' on up

Cape Buffalo called the Big Dubya last night, she was taking a packing break, and although I'm not sure.... I suspect part of their discussion was dedicated to trashing Red Sox pitcher David Wells, who screwed the pooch in last nights outing against the dreaded Yankees, UGHHHH I'm sure plenty of 4-letter words were used.

I don't envy the Buffalos this weekend.... moving is not one of my favorite things. Of course there is the anticipation and wonder of living somewhere new, but you are also faced with evicting the dust bunnies that have taken up residence under the couch and the drawer/cabinet/closet that has all that stuff you don't know what to do with, but are certain you can't live without. Everything you plan to do takes at least twice as long as you thought -- and everything you plan to pack takes up at least twice as much space as you allotted.

Of course as time winds down and stuff gets chucked into bags & boxes that you vow to sort through upon arrival, you swear that you'll downsize and never go through this again. You'll promise that you'll finally get rid of those jeans that no matter how you try you'll never fit into again.... you'll swear to discard the Christmas cards from three years ago that you kept because they were cute, you'll dedicate yourself to putting all of those pictures into frames or albums... oh promises, promises.....

The Buffalos have moved a lot, so they are probably doing just fine..... but, I know I'd be giving the Big Dubya icy glares for all those CDs that he hasn't listened to in years while he'd be grumbling under his breath about why a person with only two feet needed so many shoes. Talk about stress....... makes me want to stay in my small, cluttered house forever!

Well, the Sox have a chance to redeem themselves in about a half hour.... and the Buffalos are far more mature than the Dubyas, so..... better them than us!


Kara said...

Mrs Big w-
One can never have too many shoes.
I'm kinds with your husband in the CD thing. THat means our home is full of CD's and shoes. And toys. Many, many toys.

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