September 8, 2005

Our house

It's strange... when we got married and moved in together, we had an odd collection of furniture.... college left-overs, stuff our parents had replaced, a couple of new pieces that made IKEA look high-end, some stuff that had been inherited.....

So, when we built our house my goal was to replace all that stuff with "grown-up" furniture... or at least stuff that wasn't mostly plastic and required assembly with an allen wrench. Well, a year ago I'd say we were on our way.... granted, we weren't Ethan Allen, but we weren't sitting on patio furniture we picked up on sale at Stop & Shop either.

As I sit in our family room today, it seems like we've abandoned all progress in the "grown-up" furniture department -- yes, we've got tons of new "furniture", yet it's ALL plastic and was ALL assembled with a tool that came in the box.... I'm talking about 'Lil Dubya's stuff.... we've got a rocking chair, a papasan chair, an aquarium chair, a Bumbo chair...... not to mention the stuff in the basement still waiting to be put together..... our child is 3 months old and approximately 8lbs now -- yet, he has three chairs in our family room alone. I keep threatening to give some away, but he likes different ones depending on his mood.... did I mention that most of them vibrate?

I swore we wouldn't be "those" people who surrendered their house to furniture by Fisher Price, but.... that's what's happened. I keep asking the Big Dubya if we could start working on a brother/sister for 'Lil Dubya... thinking that at least if we had two tiny asses we could justify all the tiny chairs, but he's still a bit traumatized from our last maternity-ward adventure.....

Looks like I'm gonna have to get him drunk!


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