September 14, 2005


Every baby has a mobile.... some like 'em, some don't.... and then there are kids that L-O-V-E 'em. My kid falls into the latter category.... he loves his mobile. He loves anything that moves over his head... he's even mesmerized by our ceiling fan.

Now, the 'Lil Dubya hates to sleep.... I think I've mentioned that once or twice (or a dozen times) but.... the mobile soothes him, calms him down a bit..... what I can't figure out is why the f*ck these things only go for 3 minutes. Every mobile we have (and there are many) runs for 3-5 minutes..... that's not long enough to put him to sleep.... it's just long enough to make him cry when it stops.

I think that's going to be my new money-making racket.... I'm going to make baby stuff that makes real sense..... stuff that doesn't use so many batteries that you need to take a second mortgage, a mobile that runs for longer than it takes for you to make it to the bottom of the stairs and a swing that doesn't only go front-to-back and right-to-left but also up-and-down.... the 'Lil Dubya likes up-and-down (way easier when he weighted 4lbs.... I'm gonna have arms like Popeye)


Aunt P said...

you know, you might be on to something about the up down swing-type thing. And to think of it, maybe that's why lil dubya fell asleep so fast on the plane... the up motion....

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