September 22, 2005

The men of the house

So, yesterday and today I trotted off to work leaving the Dubyas (Big & 'Lil) to fend for themselves at home.

The Big Dubya has taken care of the 'lil guy on his own many times, but this was by far their longest stretch of togetherness. Unfortnately for the big guy, the 'lil guy didn't have one of his better days yesterday. As mentioned in both of our blogs, the 'lil guy suffers from colic -- and in our desperate attempt to sooth this affliction, we discovered gripe water. Now back in the day, gripe water had alcohol in it (I'm thinking that explains a lot for many of us) -- these days, it's primarily ginger and fennel -- although some have chamomile as well. We did find that the gripe water does sooth the 'lil man somewhat, we have also discovered that it constipates him. Yes, a breast fed baby that is constipated -- many thought it couldn't happen, but it can!

To add insult to injury, one of the gripe waters that I found also contains charcoal...... which only after I administered to my child did I read would turn his poop BLACK!!!!! So, not only has the child not pooped in several days (and yes, his "toots" stink to high heaven) but when his tiny ass finally exploded, and I mean exploded, yesterday his tiny diaper was overflowing with BLACK paste-like poopies! It's only a tiny-bit funny that the Big Dubya had to contend with this on his own and that I was at a safe distance working 40 miles away.

By the time I got home, the Big Dubya looked a bit haggered..... but he's tough, he can take it -- and the 'Lil Dubya was as happy as can be. I'm hoping they have a better day today, as they are supposed to go on a field trip to the day-care center..... that ought to be fodder for a good post.

Off topic, please, please, please check out our pal Cape Buffalo...... my tummy still hurts from laughing yesterday -- probably because I too am "really a guy with a passion for jewelry and really nice shoes" maybe throw in an unhealthy obsession with the foodnetwork, but I'll leave that for another day.


Aunt P said...

Hopefully W had a better day today. Can't wait for my turn to watch him :)

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