September 19, 2005

I'm Baaaaaaack

So, today was my first day back at work.

Let's begin by saying, I cried most of the weekend -- I pretty much woke up crying this morning.... and it was almost like the 'Lil Dubya knew what was happening or at least that I was sad and he actually hugged me back this morning....

I cried on my way out the door and for most of the ride to work. But, I'm a professional -- I pulled myself together, I went into the office and got misty when I put his picture on my desk, but I was okay, I was going to get down to business -- the day'll fly by. Then my boss stopped by to welcome me back and ask how I was doing -- and I promptly lost my shit all over again. My poor boss -- nice guy, but totally unequipped to deal with the blubbering idiot who used to be his tax manager.... he started yammering about an 8:00 meeting and having to run to it .... I barely saw the back of his head through my tears

That's pretty much how my day went.... didn't do a whole lot of work -- cried more than a person should at work.... took a two hour lunch (had a pint of Guinness to sooth my sadness)

They say it gets easier.... I'm not so sure. But, for the first time in my life I got home from work and didn't see dishes in the sink, didn't see the carpet that needs to be vacuumed or the laundry that needs to be washed -- all I saw was the 'Lil Dubya's face and I've never been so happy to be home.


Kara said...

that was, quite possibky, the saddest thing I've ever read.

remember to bring enough breast pads and a second shirt to work because one time i zoned out and thought about the baby and my milk let down. soaked myself. luckily i lived close enough to run hime for a change of clothes

i won't say it gets easier because that's just not true. you will get stonger though.

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