September 30, 2005

What were the other babies wearing?

I know it's strange, but when the Big Dubya took the 'Lil Dubya to school (daycare) for a visit last week.... I had a hundred questions about the visit. Not the usual questions either.... I wasn't quizzing him on the quality of care, the credentials of the teachers, the cleanliness of the center.... no, no, we'd already gotten comfortable with that stuff during the lengthy (and I mean lengthy) selection process.... no, I wanted to know the other stuff. Like, what were the other babies wearing? were they fully dressed in "outfits"? or were they wearing those one-piece-stretchy-sleeper-things? What was in their cubbies? I guess my biggest fear was that I'd drop him off on Monday and fail to supply them with all the things they need to take care of my little miracle. I didn't want to be that parent who dropped her kid off at college without a microwave.... everyone has a microwave. I'm not used to being such a novice..... I've got a fairly good job, where I'm considered pretty competent..... but when it comes to parenting, I feel like such a poser -- and constantly fear that someone is going to figure out that I haven't got a clue what I'm doing.

I had gotten the Big Dubya to take the 'lil guy on his first visit -- I was chicken. I've never been an emotional type.... not a big crier, but since the arrival of 'Lil Dubya.... I cry all the time, I can't help myself. So, I figured that if the Big Dubya went on a visit.... he could prepare me for what it was like and then I might be able to remain composed when I went for a visit. So, today.... armed with the information gathered by the Big Dubya... me & the 'lil guy went to school. We got there and it was chaos..... there are lots of rooms..... the infants are in the back, so I got to see what all the big kids were doing first. There were finger paints in one room, blocks in another and a group of kids being assembled for a trip outside.

As we made our way back to the infants room I was overcome by a good dose of the parent-guilt, but managed to keep it together..... I decided that if I was good today, I could cry when we dropped him off on Monday (now there's a rational bargain to make with myself). We met the teacher in the infant room, she's wonderful with the babies. The big guy is 5 months old and 18lbs.... he looks a little Eurasian or Hawaiian.... maybe the descendants of sumo-wrestlers.... 'Lil dubya should definitely stay on his good side, otherwise he'll be this kid's mid-morning snack. Then there were the girls..... they haven't missed any meals either.... I'm starting to think we'll need to safety pin some protection money to his jammies.

So we sat, we played.... I tired to give the teachers a heads-up about the colic and the teething.... without scaring her too much, she didn't seem too concerned -- brave woman . I also tried to observe what the other kids were wearing.... she's got overalls.... he's got a one-piece-sleeper-type-thing, oops wait...he just puked on it... what'll she put on him????..... another one-piece-sleeper-type-thing..... okay, and she's got on a one-piece-sleeper-type thing.... okay... got it. Then the 'lil Dubya took a mighty dump in his tiny diaper.... good thinking 'lil guy, this will give Mammy a reason to go examine the cubbies (located next to the changing table). Diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, diaper cream.... okay, all the things I expected.... we can do that.

All in all it was a good outing.... I'd say Monday will be tough for me, but the Big Dubya will be there to dry my tears.


Kara said...

I'm starting to think we'll need to safety pin some protection money to his jammies

you crack me up. what are you guys doing next weekend?

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