November 17, 2005

Honey, just how much did you drink last night?

So, last night a vendor took a few of us out for a fancy dinner. Generally, I bow out of such dinners.... especially now that I have a 'lil man at home. But, last night was different -- I've been on this project team for 2 years..... I was heavily involved in the selection of this particular vendor and I will be heavily involved in the implementation phase of their software, so the Big Dubya offered to man the home-front so I could go.

While we were waiting for our group to arrive, I decided to start the evening with a lovely glass of Shiraz, yummm it went down like it knew the way. Let's just say that the food and drink were plentiful.... clams casino, sushi, fondu, calamari...... and then came the main courses......... there were eleven of us at dinner and I stopped counting after the 9th bottle of wine (did I mention that there was no budget for this dinner??).

As the evening started to wind down, I realized that I missed my men and decided to slip out and head home. There was a time in my life where I would have closed the place... free food, free drinks.... how could you turn that down, but now..... it's all about kissing the 'lil Dubya good-night.... and maybe even watching him sleep for a few minutes.

When I got up this morning... I couldn't believe my ears.....

Big Dubya: Honey, just how much did you drink last night?.....
Me: WHAT???? What do you mean?.......
Big Dubya: Honey, I can still smell it off you.... you wreak!
Me: Honey, I swear, I didn't drink that much!
Big Dubya: Well, how many glasses of wine?
Me: I dunno, that pesky waiter kept topping me off
Big Dubya: Uh-huh

Anyone wanna be my roommate at the Betty Ford Center?


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