November 5, 2005

'Tis the Season

Here we are, November 6th..... and it's that time again..... time to figure out holiday plans. The Dubyas (Big & 'Lil) and I will be heading to AZ to meet up with some friends for Thanksgiving, so.... we've been spared the task of figuring out who eats turkey dinner where -- but Christmas.... ah Christmas....... that's another kettle of fish.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for us, the Big Dubya and I grew up in the same hometown.... a mere 5 miles apart and our parents still live in the same houses we grew up in -- so, since we got married, we've managed to divide our time between the families. But, since moving to CT, we've wanted to just stay home for holidays.... doesn't everyone want to spend Christmas at home? But, we've consistently allowed ourselves to get guilted into traveling-- you dont' have kids, it's so easy for you to just pick-up and go. Last year, we were excited to go back, as it was Christmas morning that we shared the news... we were expecting 'lil Dubya -- but we vowed, once we have kids -- no more traveling, we'll stay home -- start our own traditions, take photos in front of our own tree, open presents in our own living room.

Well now here we are -- faced with the 'lil Dubya's first Christmas -- and the inevitable is happening.... What do you mean you aren't bringing the baby to visit his grandparents for his first Christmas... and of course the It's so easy for you to just pick-up and go, you've only got one kid.

Adding an additional level of complexity is Mr Tall Guy -- Aunt P swears she's going to marry him (still no date) and so, they are going to visit his family in PA for the holiday. Aunt P is bummed that she won't get to see the baby over his first Christmas..... so we invited them to stop and spend a day/night in CT on their way.... that will work out okay but still doesn't solve the grandparent dilemma. Nana & Papa (Dubya's parents) won't want to come to CT because they like having Christmas at their house and Dubya's youngest brother usually goes there.... if they come to CT where will Dubya's brother and family go? Granny & Grandad (my parents) won't want to come to CT because Uncle Ro-Ro (my brother) is still single and always spends holidays with them..... of course he'd be welcome to come to CT too, but that would interfere with his raging social life.

Being that Dubya & I are both first-borns.... we are the pleasers of the family.... always want to keep everyone happy -- How do I know we are going to spend our Christmas in the car?


Kara said...

Arizona? They don't have thanksgiving there, do they?

Kara said...

okay- i commented before i read the whole post. you are a family now in a way you weren't before the little guy. my best christmas memories are of opening presents and playing with the ALL day, then dropping inon the grandparents. one the kid was born, we told the grandparents that they are all welcome to visit, but we're staying home. And they come every year. And my parents are divorced which means 3 sets of parents to wine and dine. but you know what? it always works. even if it means i have to shove my mom out the door because my dad is on his way (they hate each other: happy holidays!!). what i'm saying is, this 1st x-mas, ythe lil one won't notice. next year, though, you'll have to explian that santa will know where to bring the presents even if he's not at home. make a stand and stay home if that's what you really want to do.

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