November 13, 2005

What do you buy for the people who have everything?

So, here we are...... 41 days 'til Christmas and we've started the unenviable task of determining what the hell to get Dubya's parents for Christmas.

Dubya has two younger brothers.... and each year, we are all equally stumped. Dubya's parents are fortunate.... they're moderately wealthy and pretty much have everything they could want/or need. So, each year.... we (primarily, the three wives) end up debating and wracking our brains trying to come up with some creative gift that they will appreciate. Last year, we joined forces with the other couples and got them a gift certificate to a casino resort..... figuring they could use it toward a weekend getaway -- have a fancy dinner, perhaps see a show, do some gambling and stay over..... the missus could even hit the spa if she so desired.

This year, we're considering a group gift again and thought a photo of the 6 grandchildren would be nice (Yaaaayyyy for the first time, we have a child to contribute to such a photo)...... but, with the three families living in three separate states.... an audience with the pope would be easier to achieve.

What do you get for the couple that has everything??? Every suggestion I've made has been poo-pooed and vetoed by the Big Dubya..... in fairness, most of them were outlandish -- but sometimes that gets the creative juices flowing!

My parents are so much easier.... they too are fortunate, they enjoy a certain level of financial security.... but, my mother is cheap.... she won't buy any of the things that she wants leaving us with many, many options.


Kara said...

i know it's totally low budget, but i put a bunch of photos on a calendar at the granparents (and great grandparents) loved it, it's easy to make and all the sibs can contribute. and you can order extra copies for everyone else. that kills the group gift part, then you'll have $$ left over for a gift cert. just an idea...

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