November 29, 2005

Sick Pumpkin

So, this morning we were right on schedule... and then just as we were getting ready to put him in his car seat, the 'lil man tossed his milk.... all over the exersaucer. I grabbed him, while the Big Dubya cleaned up the mess. The 'lil guy didn't seem to notice anything happened -- wasn't one bit upset -- no fever -- so I just chalked it up to his not eating slow enough and we went on our way.

When we got to school, I mentioned what had happened to his teacher. She agreed that he looked fine and would probably just be hungry earlier in the day. I hung out for a while, just to be safe -- and eventually headed to work, confident that he was fine.

Around 11, I got the call.... it was the first time, and it probably won't be the last -- but at that moment I wanted one of those Star-Trek beam things to beam me to his daycare center -- my baby needed his mommy and it was going to take me at least 45 minutes to get to him. Apparently, the 'lil man had been vomiting all morning and one of us needed to go get him right away. I called the Big Dubya and got voicemail, we had talked about this.... if someone needed to go get him in a case like this, it would likely be him.... he's got a bit more flexibility than I, and he works in a far more family-friendly office -- so I text messaged his phone and left him an email..... nothing. So, I went to see my boss -- he was stuck behind closed doors in a meeting..... so I did it.... I left him an email telling him the situation and I was on my way. Kind of ballsy to leave without getting to speak to him, but what was the alternative?

10 minutes into my trip (which was behind every slow car/bus/truck in CT) the Big Dubya called... he was also on his way home.... not to care for our sick baby, but because he too was under the weather.... seems like they both have the same tummy bug.

When I got to daycare, the 'lil man was wrapped in his blanket.... just waiting for me. I don't usually get pick-up duty, so today was particularly rewarding..... he was pale, tired and cranky -- but as soon as I picked him up, he smiled and relaxed, like he knew it was going to be okay. Of course, he hasn't puked since I got him home, but.... that's the way these things go.


Kara said...

you are ballsy. and that's why i like you.
wanna know a secret? i like staying home with the kid when she is sick.
welcome to parenthood: where you go to work sick so you can save your sick days to be home with your child.

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