November 28, 2005


To younger kids, he's Daniel-san's Mr Miyagi..... c'mon we've all said it "Wax-On, Wax-Off" or "Paint the Fence".... and how did he manage to catch that fly with chopsticks? I can't even eat properly with them.

To older kids, he's the loveable diner owner Arnold from Happy Days....

I was sad when the Bid Dubya told me that Pat Morita passed away over the weekend -- I never met him, not even sure I ever saw/read an interview with him, but he seemed like a nice man, his characters were part of my growing up and became part of pop culture and I was sad to hear he was gone.


Aunt P said...

I was so sad when I found out that Arnold died. Now this could spark the debate of who was better, Arnold or Al? but I think it's better just to acknowledge his contribution to one of the best TV shows. Yes Mrs Big Dubta, your sister still has her crush on the Fonz.

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