November 12, 2005

Drink Like Vikings!

When I was young & frisky.... a girfriend & I got drunk and bought a timeshare. I was newly out of college, and she was still in college.... neither of us had any business buying anything. Once we sobered up, we agreed not to speak of the transaction..... not even to each other. As time went on, we recognized how stupid we were, but decided to make the most of a bad situation. On the bright side, we were now guaranteed a decent vacation together each year, which we otherwise couldn't afford. This was particularly appealing as after graduation, she moved to TX and I was staying at home in MA.

Each year, we'd pack up and meet somewhere for some tropical getaway (we own in Florida, but belong to an exchange service....) -- and once it was finally paid off, we agreed we could tell people.... and even invite them to come along.

When she got married, I stepped aside and she used it for her honeymoon.... and she did the same for us. The husbands, who came on the scene long after it was paid off... and therefore never had to suffer the burden of a monthly payment, think that it is terrific... and we've come to agree. We've spent New Year's Eve skiing in Vail, Thanksgiving on the links in Hilton Head, Easter in Antigua, been to the beaches of Miami in February and one year Halloween was spent in Cancun.

This year, we are doing Thanksgiving in Arizona..... and my how times have changed. Once upon a time, we'd look forward to this trip because we knew we'd end up drinking like Vikings and getting unsuspecting boys to pay for our drinks...... then, as we grew up and matured (well, we are relatively more mature).... it turned into drinking like Vikings with our boyfriends/husbands alongside...... and now, the days will be spent making sure their girls don't drown our 'lil man in the pool and in the evenings we'll be taking turns babysitting each other's kids while the other couple goes out for a much deserved "date-night"

Isn't growing up fun?


Kara said...

oh my goodness- I want one!
you guys will have a blast. enjoy!

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