November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving..... growing up, my crazy-Irish parents always had a prime-rib dinner on Thanksgiving.... (my Dad hates turkey).... but my mother always made a turkey breast so we wouldn't feel deprived when we didn't have a left-over turkey sandwich like all the other kids.

This year, we are staying in a lovely condo in AZ..... but, the stove only has two crappy burners, no oven and there are only two tiny pots and one frying pan...... not exactly the makings of a Thanksgiving dinner. So, Chinese food it is :)

The 'lil guy's first Thanksgiving might be a little unconventional, but..... it does go to show that Thanksgiving isn't about the turkey dinner.... it's about love, family, and good friends to count your blessings with.

P.S. Did I mention that Mr Big Dubya is golfing in the morning.... am I a great wife, or what?


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