November 10, 2005

We are so spoiled!

Maybe I'm giving away my age, but.... my, my, my have we become spoiled (in the technology sense I mean). I still remember back in the day when we didn't have internet access at home..... and then, when we got it.... WOW!

But slowly, as time went on.... we got less impressed with simply having the internet at home.... it had to be faster. Our little 14.4k modem had to get upgraded to a 28.8k and then to 56k...... soon, that wasn't quick enough for us either and we got fed up surrendering our phone line every time we wanted to go online, so we went to broadband.

Once we had broadband, we were finally satisfied.... for a while..... but then having to sit at a desk was too confining, so we migrated to a laptop..... and then it was too much of a hassle to go all the way upstairs to surf the net, so..... the Big Dubya hooked me up with wireless.

This set-up has kept me happy for a couple of years now, but I still get super-frustrated when our access is offline for a bit...... or when the Big Dubya's using the laptop when I'm struck with some internet inspiration.... imagine! I actually have to wait my turn... the horrors!

My wireless laptop isn't the only thing that spoils me..... don't get me started on the microwave.


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