November 8, 2005

Honey, I want a robot to clean the house....

So, Aunt P's future mother-in-law (Mr Tall Guy's mother) got a Roomba. I think it's safe to say that Aunt P & I were skeptical..... could this gizmo really vacuum the floors on its own and do a good job? We doubted it..... but it was her money, so why not let her learn the hard way.

Well, weren't we all surprised when Aunt P went to PA to visit the Tall Guys and learned that not only did it work, it did a good job... and, they have CATS!!!! I couldn't believe it.... a vacuum that not only cleaned regular stuff, but could tackle cat hair without getting clogged up too????

Aunt P hates housework as much as the rest of us and decided that she just had to have one, so she got one too. I was still skeptical.... I figured that after a few weeks, some flaws would become apparent and the Roomba would prove to be somewhat less than it was cracked up to be... so I waited, and waited..... and waited some more. I called Aunt P and asked, so.... how's that Roomba working out for you -- fully expecting to hear some buyers remorse, some drawback, some sort of regret -- but no such luck.

Instead, Aunt P raved at how she just sets it off before going to work in the morning and comes home to a vacuumed house. She went on and on.... it does linoleum, it does hard wood, even carpet.... it goes under the tables, around the chairs, under the couch, and avoids the stairs..... (too many children's books.... starting to sound like Dr Seuss...)

Honey, I want a robot to clean our house too!


Aunt P said...

want a robot? Or already have one? Looks like your hubby let the secret out! The question is how do you like it? Does it meet your standards?

Kara said...

i must have one.

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