November 20, 2005

Live from AZ

So, the Dubyas & I made it to AZ safe & sound.....

The 'lil man was amazing on the flights..... the Big Dubya faired well too. I could have been kinder..... but instead, the 'lil guy & I treated him like our own personal pack mule. He looked like Joey & Chandler in that episode of Friends.... the one where they lose Ben on a city bus but manage to keep all of his gear. I carried the 'lil man while the Big Dubya handled the car-seat, car seat base, stroller and diaper bag..... it was funny until they made him take his shoes off at airport-security -- then it got a tiny bit pathetic. But alas, he handled it all with finesse..... and even scored a free beer once we got settled on the plane -- I'll wait for him to write about it on his site (can't steal all the poor guy's thunder).

Anyway, coverage here is spotty -- so I can't promise to post regularly -- but I'll try to share the funnies as they happen :)


Kara said...

he can handle it. he was in the army.

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