August 31, 2005

She's crafty...... NOT

The Big Dubya is the eldest of three boys. Both of his sisters-in-law are, shall we say..... crafty. They make things like gift baskets, birthday cakes, scrapbooks..... me, I'm a business person, I have no talent... I just go out and buy stuff..... I'm the one that over-pays for the stuff these crafty-types make.

Now, in fairness, I can cook a little..... I'm a Food Network junky and test drive recipes on the Big Dubya regularly.... so I don't totally lack creativity. But, unlike the other girls, I am far more likely to go out and buy lemon scented kitchen soap than I am to grow lemons, make it from scratch and present it to people in pretty sachets over the holidays.

I mention this because the three brothers & their wives are taking my in-laws out for a surprise fancy dinner tomorrow night (limo & all) for their 40th wedding anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, one sister-in-law is creating a scrapbook.... primarily consisting of photos highlighting their 40+ years together, the other sister-in-law is assembling a similar collection of memories in a video to be viewed in the limo en route to dinner.

When asked if I'd like to contribute a couple of pages to the scrapbook, I got oddly insecure.... do I have it in me to produce such items? It's not that I'm not sentimental.... it's just that I picture the pages I could produce to be something out of the 6th grade whereas the other girls are a cross between Martha Stewart & MacGyver.... we are talking about women who can make a holiday dinner out of a can of baked beans and a piece of string..... whereas, I am a master of letting my fingers doing the walking and ordering really, really well. I opted to supply photos from our little collection to be incorporated into the scrapbook/video and sent the happy couple a nice gift package on their recent European cruise (notice the ordering-over-the-phone-skill at work).

I firmly believe that the gifts I give are just as nice and (hopefully) just as appreciated as these home-made ones..... and despite the fact that I feel very inferior, I will just never have it in me to voluntarily buy or use a glue gun.


Kara said...

add me to the third category: "crafty when i have the time but usually lucky simply to have my child and myself bathed and in clean underwear evreyday."

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