December 9, 2005

15 Shopping Days 'til Christmas....

So here we are, on the cusp of the second-to-last weekend before Christmas. The malls are out of control -- people are willing to kill for a parking space and families are at each others' throats..... AAAAHHHH, the holidays -- aren't they grand?

With only two weeks to go, I'm surprised (and somewhat comforted by the fact) that we've only received a couple of Christmas cards.... must mean that everyone else is facing the same challenges we are.... a baby who won't sit still, keep his hands out of his mouth, smile with his eyes open or just plain old keeps tipping over just as the photo snaps...... the list of holiday photo challenges is a long one when you've got a baby -- but it really is a lot of fun! The Big Dubya and I have agreed -- if I can't get a better picture today -- then we have to go with one of the ones we have..... cross your fingers, or we'll be sending all of our friends and family something like this!

On the bright side, the 'lil man and I are house-bound by the snow today.... so we'll have plenty of time to try to get this photo right (The Big Dubya would be wise to bring home some vast quantities of wine). Yes folks, Cape Buffalo's snow dance worked and we are getting dumped on (her latest blog entry is time stamped at 3:05am and school still hadn't been closed, so.... I'm hoping she did indeed get her long yearned for snow day). It's a very pretty day here in CT,.... I love snow. Not that I'm much of a "do-stuff-outside-in-the-cold" type, but I am definitely a light a fire, bake some cookies, drink some good wine (or fancy alcoholic coffee drink) type..... I'm half-hoping that the roads are treacherous enough that the Big Dubya will come home early.

Tonight's Holiday Viewing Guide
ABC Family
7:00 The Little Drummer Boy

7:30 The Little Drummer Boy (Book II)

8:00 Prancer
8:00 I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown
8:00 Dear Santa
7:00 I'll Be Home for Christmas


Kara said...

oh please, will you send us one with him tipping over? that's priceless.

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