December 8, 2005

What do you get your boss?

Today's holiday quandry.... what (if anything) do you get for your boss?

I've heard things that range from the chinsy to the ridiculous. Aunt P said that she & her colleagues eached kicked in a few bucks and got her boss (a new homeowner) a gift card to Home Depot. I suppose that's okay.... Generally in years past, I got my boss some candy -- either fancy chocolates or one of those cutesy M&M Dispensers.... figuring he/she could leave in on their desk and share with the group. That has always served me well... as, it was small enough not to make him/her feel bad if they weren't returning the gift, but substantial enough that if they did get me something then I didn't feel like I wasn't reciprocating.

When I started this job.... imagine my surprise when my peers asked for my contribution toward a group gift.... I went into my purse to grab a $10 or maybe a $20 and quickly learned that the suggested contribution was $75 -- they'd decided to get him a Mont Blanc pen (forgive me... writing instrument).

To me, that was a bit excessive -- but.... I didn't want to be the "one" who didn't contribute, so... I coughed up the dough. In fairness, he did take us out for a fancy holiday lunch (not, $75 fancy, but ... fancy nonetheless). Last year, the other two pen-givers had moved on to other jobs.... I resorted back to my Lindt truffles.... and still felt just fine eating the fancy lunch. This year, I may shake things up a bit.... Ghirardelli looks good, don't you think?

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