December 15, 2005

Things I hate about winter!

Bah humbug!

Winter stinks.... yeah, you get the pretty snow and the cozy sweaters... you get the warm drinks and the holidays... BUT, you also get the crappy stuff

-- Gross salt all over my car (have to be careful not to rub up against it when you get in)
-- Gross salt all over my shoes & pant legs (YUCK!)
-- It's f'ing COLD!
-- My skin is so dry, it hurts -- and I'm flaking everywhere
-- Everyone is sick... headcolds, coughs, runny noses
-- My hair is full of static (cool tip though, pat your head with fabric softener sheet or spray your brush w/ static guard.... sheet smells better though)

Holiday Viewing Guide
ABC Family
7:00 The Year Without a Santa Claus (I know it's been on before, but I LOVE IT!)
8:00 Snow
8:00 The Santa Claus (Very cute, even if it is new)
Food Network
8:00 Paula's Southern Christmas (good fatty comfort food)
9:00 Sandra Lee's Semi-homemade Holiday (her food's usually not that great, but you get some good short-cut ideas)
10:00 A Barefoot Contessa Holiday (upscale good fatty food)
8:00 The Legend of Frosty the Snowman

*** Note, to those (like myself) who forgot to watch the Grinch last night... it will be showed again on Friday night on the Toon network


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