December 12, 2005

How much is that Doggy in the Window....

So, we were back in our hometown again this weekend -- nephew's (yo-yo-bro's son) 2nd birthday party..... The Big Dubya said we didn't have to go, but I insisted. Not that I didn't have 456 other things that I should have done this weekend, but.... when the Big Dubya and I started dating -- he always thought it was cool that I knew my cousins. I know them, keep in touch with them and some of them were a fairly big part of my growing up -- he doesn't have that, he hardly knows most of his cousins -- and I think he's missed out. The 'lil Dubya has 5 cousins now and they don't live near us, and although he's too young to remember yesterday's party -- I think going to these things is important -- and I'll try to take him whenever we can.

On our way to the party, we stopped to see the Big Dubya's parents -- they have an excersaucer (the 'lil man's favorite activity) so I put him in it.... let him stretch his legs after being cooped up in the car. For the first time, their dog caught his eye and he started to shriek with delight. The dog wasn't doing a whole lot of anything (well, except stinking to high-heaven) -- but our 'lil man couldn't take his eyes off of her. She's become a bit skittish around children (the 5 cousins have taught her a few tough lessons), so she kept her distance -- but he could have watched her wag her tail all day long.....

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Aunt P said...

Excellent! I'm glad to see my nephew has good taste and is becoming a dog person at such an early age. And this is excellent timing as I will be getting my dog either this coming weekend (if I like the picture) or the first week or so of March (and I get the pick of the next litter). So exciting!

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