December 1, 2005


This just in..... CapeBuffalo has committed to a holiday-related post each day. I have accepted this as a challenge..... not that she really challenged me or anything, but I'm kinda competitive, so..... I needed to join the holiday fun.

I will publish the official Mrs Big Dubya Holiday Viewing Guide each day through Christmas.... yes, you could just look it up in TV Guide, but... c'mon humor me!

Tonight on ABCFamily (check your local listings)
7:00 Frosty's Winter Wonderland -- not my favorite, but a good holiday staple
7:30 Twas the Night Before Christmas -- one of the best.... a can't miss
8:00 The Year Without a Santa Claus -- another one of the best.... can't miss
9:00 Rudolph's Stupid (oops, I mean Shiny) New Year -- DRRRRR -- complete waste of film... what's with the kid with the ears?



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