December 5, 2005

Tonight's Holiday Specials:
ABC Family
7:00 Jack Frost (the 1-hour animated one)
8:00 Jack Frost (a newer 2-hour one starring Kelly Preston & Michael Keaton)

And today's Post:
So, yesterday we spend the day doing family things.... that made me happy.

We decorated our tree while listening to Christmas tunes.... I baked cookies and wrapped Christmas presents while it snowed outside..... a very Norman Rockwell Sunday in the Dubya household. I put the 'lil man in the Baby Bjorn so that I'd have both hands free to decorate the tree.... he LOVED it! He watched the lights and listened to the music.... next year we'll be chasing him around, but this year he was content to just watch the festivities. Then, we dressed him up in his santa-suit to take a photo for the Christmas Card..... he looked so adorable..... and has fallen in love with tissue paper. Loves to move it around and listen to it crinkle and crunch..... The pictures came out just okay(what did people do before digital???)..... we're going to try again this evening... the 'lil man was still not feeling 100%... teething and we are still having random episodes of projectile vomit...., so... we didn't want to push our luck with him.


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