December 3, 2005

He Doesn't Even Know It's Christmas....

For today's Holiday Viewing Schedule.... Please see yesterday's post. And, thanks to Brandi for her recommendation of Jack Frost.... I know I've seen it, and I think I liked it... but can't remember for sure.... will keep you posted.... it's on at 5:00.... and I'll be watching

Now, onto today's post..... Our son was 6 months old yesterday..... it's been the best 6 months of my life. I've hated Christmas for the past few years.... my grandmother, who I adored, died tragically in a fire.... it happened during Christmas week and I've hated the holiday ever since. I've just simply been unable to separate the two.

Somehow, this year is different.... it's like Christmas has been reborn for me. I couldn't wait to get our tree this year (the Big Dubya got it this morning -- an as usual, he did a phenomenal job), I couldn't wait to put up our wreath, to put candles in the windows, to start shopping for gifts..... because Christmas is about the magic in a child's eyes. Yes, I know the true spirit of Christmas is not Santa, it's not the gift-giving..... but, we must all admit that there is a world of difference between Christmas spent in a house full of adults and Christmas spent in a house with a small child.

But here's the thing.... our 'lil man is too small to understand gifts..... Santa.... wrapping paper.... any of it. He's going to be more amused by the tissue paper than he will with the presents or decorations. I asked the Big Dubya.... "Are we going to buy him gifts?".... and if so, "Are we going to wrap them?"

The Big Dubya, who LOVES Christmas , (has all the ornaments he made out of macaroni and construction paper when he was a kid) said of course we are going to get him presents, and wrap them and video tape us helping him open them.... this is his FIRST CHRISTMAS!!!!

I'm interested to hear what other people did (plan to do) for Baby's First Christmas.... Did you buy gifts? Did you wrap them? Who were they from? Mammy & Daddy? or Santa?


Brandi said...

I've been thinking about the same thing. My daughter was a week old last Christmas, so technically this is her second one, but this feels like the first one. I keep thinking that she's not going to understand about unwrapping the presents. Hell, she's not even going to know they are presents, you know? I bought her a couple toys the day after Thanksgiving and I considered just opening them up for her then instead of wrapping them and waiting for her birthday/Christmas. We weren't even going to get a tree because we were worried she'd be all over it. Being a parent has definitely changed Christmas for me, though. I can't wait until next year when she'll be old enough to get into it, and to share all these great movies with her.

Rose said...

I have a 7 month old baby and I have the same dilemma. Yesterday while doing some Christmas shopping I picked up a couple kid CD's with classic nursery songs (that I wanted to get for her anyway regardless of Christmas). I'm sure she'll get a kick out of tearing open the wrapping paper.

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