December 7, 2005

Christmas Eve Traditions

So, since I was a 'lil girl.... we've always had Chinese take-out on Christmas Eve. Aunt P would take-down and call-in the order (how do they always do it in 10 minutes??), Uncle RoRo would go pick it up.... so, when the Big Dubya and I started doing holidays together, I was thrilled to learn that it was a tradition in his family too -- and we agreed, that it was something we'd like to continue when we started our own little family.

Fast-forward a bit, we dated, got engaged, then married... bought our house, moved to CT, started our little family..... all was right on track. But then, the unthinkable happened.... there is no good Chinese food around us. We found a take-away right at the bottom of our hill..... it was perfect, except the food sucked! I found another, down near the center of town.... turns out, it's the same freakin' people.... food sucks! I found a third, this must be the place -- NOPE, I fell for it again, it's same damn people and the food still SUCKS!!!! Turns out that there are 5 Chinese take-outs in our town and 4 of them are owned by the same suck-ass-food people. The fifth also blows (turns out under-age kids can drink there and that's how he manages to stay open) but at least it's owned by a different family -- sucky food with a twist.

So, in an effort to find edible Chinese food.... I started stopping at random places on my way home from work.... essentialy auditioning them to provide our Christmas Eve dinner. Imagine my shock and horror when I discovered that one is just as bad as the next. In fairness, usually they have one redeeming quality.... they can make an okay egg roll, but the rice looks like it was swept up off the floor -- or, their spare ribs are good, but what the hell kind of bird are they trying to pass off as chicken? I didn't grow up in Chinatown people... my expectations are not that high!!!!

We held one such audition last night.... and in fairness, this place was probably the best we've had so far (this is not saying a whole lot!) and will likely be the "winner" -- primarily because the crunch is on and we are running out of both candidates and audition time.... but how hard is it to find a decent lo mein?

Tonight's TV line up
ABC Family
7:00 The Year Withouth A Santa Clause (one of my favorites)
8:00 Santa Clause is Comin' to Town (another one of my favorites)
9:00 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys (they kinda went to the Rudolph well a few too many times, but..... it's still a good Christmas staple)


Kim said...

I love little traditions like that. I think it's what makes the holiday season really special.

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