December 27, 2005

Honey, while you were at work today I put together the highchair..... but there are a few pieces left over

So, last Friday.... I had the day off and the Big Dubya had to work. We recently started the 'lil man on cereal.... first rice cereal, but that made him a wee bit gassy.... kept him up at night.....Mrs Big Dubya prefers a baby that sleeps.... so we've opted to move to an oatmeal cereal which seems a bit more agreeable. Anyway, we've been feeding him his cereal in his Bumbo chair.... have you seen 'em?

Aunt P got it for him and it looks kinda silly, but it allows a baby who can't really sit up yet, to sit up..... as long as they can support their own head they are good to go in this contraption -- it's actually worked out great for feeding, but... beware.... although the advertisements would lead you to believe baby can't get out of it.... our genius has found a way..... so, keep a close eye.

Anyway, seeing that we're moving to solids (well..... really just thicker liquids) I figured we might as well start thinking about using the highchair -- so, off to the basement I went and the 'lil man and I began to assemble the highchair. In fairness, it was really me assembling and him playing with the cardboard & papers that came in the box.

Now, I don't know about anybody else -- but I think Fisher Price does a shit job with instructions. I am a fairly intelligent and college educated woman.... I have a Masters degree for God's sake.... yet, I need to read, re-read and re-re-read these instructions before I inevitably end up holding up the pieces I have next to those in the picture in order to try to figure out what the hell they are trying to tell me do. I looked mighty sill, but the 'lil guy got a kick out of me wiggling around all these pieces. I eventually got it all put together.... it even looked like a highchair.... but I had some pieces left over. The 'lil guy was growing impatient, so I decided I'd get the Big Dubya to conduct an audit of my assembly job and figure out where I went amok.

Although I think he would have preferred just to do the assembly himself, he graciously agreed to find homes for my left-over pieces and all is right in the world!


Mr Big Dubya said...

That's not true - I think you getting your hands dirty and assembling these fine items we have for Little Dub is quite noble and, dare I say, attractive as well.

Matthew said...

Way to reinforce her putting things together Big Dub.

A woman with a screwdriver is pretty good lookin' sight.

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