August 15, 2005

The Annual Girls Getaway.... With a twist

Granny loves to travel... go new places... see new things... (particularly if there are slot machines involved). Grandad is a total homebody... sees no reason to leave home, unless it's to pop into the local pub for a pint... and I stress the word local. Seems shocking that these two found each other, but here we are 34 years later..... it works for them.

Anyway, after making our own way in the big bad world, Aunt P & I started taking Granny on "Annual Girls Getaways". These trips were designed to give back a little to the woman who did so much for us and to enable her to indulge her adventurous side, a side which Granddad has little/no interest in. We've treated her to long weekends in Disney, Las Vegas, Atlantic City.... and despite the fact that these trips are fun for us..... watching her let loose is the true reward. You'd almost have to know our mother to understand why these trips are such a hoot -- to anybody else, they'd just be a weekend away of eating too much, drinking a little and laughing, laughing, laughing. But our mother is one of those people who did everything for her kids and very little for herself -- so, these little getaways are the first real vacations she's had.

The first trip was to Disney..... getting Granny on the rides was a challenge, but once we got her started there was no stopping her (we couldn't get her off Epcot's test track). The next trip was to Las Vegas..... Granny loves to gamble.... I'd almost go so far as to say that she's got a gambling problem -- except she's a bit too cheap to categorize it as a problem.... Aunt P & I did our best to keep the smut peddlers away from her, but when we wake up at 3 in the morning and she's still not in her bed, there isn't a whole lot we can do...... pry her away from the nickel slots?

As I mentioned in previous posts, we are about to take another trip to Disney..... this trip will be a bit different, as 'Lil Dubya will be joining us (Girls Getaway + 1 young fella) -- but I think he'll just increase the laughter as the three of us try to navigate through the airport with all his gear. In any event, I'm thrilled that the three of us make an effort to spend these weekends together... as the years go by and 'Lil Dubya gets siblings and/or cousins it'll probably be harder to coordinate/schedule, but I hope we keep it going...... it's a rare opportunity for me to spend time with my sister & my mother..... harkens back to those days in the park when she used to push us on the swings... now Aunt P & I spend our time trying to get Granny tipsy


Aunt P said...

You forgot to add the part that how Granny for years have been warning her little chicks against the dangers of the "drink", when on vacations will go as far to pre-game in the hotel room and slip us a twenty so we can go get the good strong drinks from places like Fat Tuesdays....

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