August 9, 2005

Why Mrs Big Dubya?

Not that any of the three of you readers have asked....(two of you already know) but, I thought I'd tell the tale of how I became Mrs Big Dubya....

Once upon a time, I was at a cheesy bar and not in a very cheery mood -- had pretty much sworn off men. A strappin' fella (Mr Big Dubya) approached me and asked if he could sit down next to me -- I had no reason to say no, so... he sat. We chatted for a while -- he was very polite -- and let's just say.... I wasn't

Mr Big Dubya: Do you come here often?
Me: No, I hate this place
Mr Big Dubya: But I saw you here last weekend
Me: So, you are either super observant or you are stalking me -- which guy do you want to be?
Mr Big Dubya nervously sips beer

To this day, I'm not sure why he continued this conversation -- but he did and being a gentleman he walked me to my car at the end of the night. He asked for my number, and I uncharacteristically gave it to him -- but, I wasn't done being a rude smartass

Mr Big Dubya: So, when's a good time to call you
Me: Gee, when I'm home

Never in a million years expected him to call.... but he did. We went out, had a nice date -- went to a local Irish pub to hear some music, had a few pints..... very low key, but nice all the same. A few days later, I wanted to go into Boston to meet some friends -- and I didn't want to drive.... so I invited the Big Dubya (I know, I wasn't a nice girl at all.... I was using the poor guy for a ride). He agreed to go with me, picked me up and... we had a very nice time. He even helped my tipsy (translation: drunk) friend get home -- she, in her inebriated state, didn't care for his name..... so she said, I'll call you the Big W -- it stuck.

Fast forward to the two year anniversary of that first meeting..... the Big W popped the question -- when I went to work the next day to report my big news, all the girls (who had adopted the name Big W) proclaimed that I was going to be Mrs Big W..... and so it was.

We've been married three and a half years now -- and when we learned we were finally going to be parents -- it only made sense to refer to our bundle as 'Lil W (no, he's not a junior). We toyed with lowercase W, but.... 'Lil W was the name that stuck

Hope you enjoyed my jog down memory lane.....


Aunt P said...

You know, I don't think I had ever heard that story. I'm pretty sure I thought you guys met on a blind date or something. Not exactly sure why, but I did...

heatherdans said...

OK, so did you think I wouldn't find this blog? I am the drunken friend Mrs. is referring to ....and just because I kissed a bald guy on the dance floor does not mean I was drunk!!!!

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