August 5, 2005

There's no place like home

Although my parents' house is very comfortable, and they go out of their way to accommodate us when we visit.... there's no place like home.

I'm not even referring to the fact that the Big Dubya and I are relegated to twin beds -- in separate rooms. 'Lil Dubya & I are camped out in the room that used to be Aunt P's and the Big Dubya is in the room that used to be mine..... I packed up all 'Lil Dubya's stuff, and have everything he could possibly ever need (I'm not even sure I have a toothbrush for myself, but...) so it's not like I don't have what we need..... I just feel so scattered.... at home, we have a system -- here..... chaos & confusion

'Lil Dubya senses the lack of structure & routine -- he ended up spending most of the night with me in a twin bed that makes me wonder why Aunt P doesn't have a hump..... we were all up at the crack of dawn.... not because of the baby -- he finally got to sleep around 3, but because of the paper thin shades on the windows....... I miss my room-darkening shades, I miss my kingsize bed, I miss pouring a glass of water and not having an Irish Elf steal it while she "tidies up a wee bit"...... I'll stop whining -- they feed us and let us come & go as we please.....

It's been fun so far -- the Irish Elf (Granny) hung out w/ 'Lil Dubya for a bit last night -- for the first time since we brought him home, I had full use of both my hands while I ate dinner..... it was wonderful :)


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