August 3, 2005

When Worlds Collide

This weekend, Mr & Mrs Big Dubya will be heading back to our hometown to host the christening of our pride & joy 'Lil Dubya...... it should be an adventure to say the least.

To begin with (and because I'm a control freak) I booked the church for this event before I even started to show -- I wanted to make sure that I got a date that worked for everyone and that I got a private christening. These days, there is such a shortage of deacons & priests, christenings are done once a month, so there are 10-15 babies done at one time.... meaning 20-30 sets of grandparents, 10-15 sets of parents, countless families, friends, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins..... in other words, it's a bloody zoo -- not at all reverent (or quick).

Fortunately for us, Mrs Big Dubya's family has been very active in the Church for many, many years -- so Granny was able to turn on the Donegal charm, pull some strings and arrange a private ceremony -- meaning that our friends and family need only sit through the christening of one baby in the un-air conditioned church -- rather than an assembly line of all of the babies in the parish.

Sadly, my plans were thwarted exactly one week after 'Lil Dubya's birth -- the church, the beautiful church where I made my first communion, confirmation -- and where I officially became Mrs Big Dubya burned to the ground...... it was a devastating loss to the parish, to the community and to my family -- but.... we must go on. The christening will take place as planned -- in an alternate location -- no, not in the parking lot, although it was tempting.

Events like this are fascinating to me -- it's an opportunity for all of our worlds to collide..... my family, the Big Dubya's family, friends from high school, from college, from our adult life.... all coming together for the christening of our beautiful boy -- mix in some good food and an open bar -- ought to be a hum-dinger.

At this point I will hope that --
My Dad who's entertaining nature can sometimes go to far will behave himself enough to avoid offending my in-laws, who thus far find him to be a hoot -- That 40 lives up to the legendary hype Kara's been hearing about all these years, and that he & my brother wait 'til the end of the night to act up -- That the weather is nice so the kids can run around outside at the after-party my in-laws have so generously offered to host for us -- The food is good & the wine is plenty, Granny's great at helping with 'Lil Dubya :)


Aunt P said...

Not really feeling the love. You mention parents, grandparents, family, friends, etc. What about the Godparents? Yes, in this case both are family, but that's not the point. This is an extremely important day to them as well and they deserve their own little shout-out. This day is almost as much about them as Lil Dubya. Also there was a mention how good Granny is helping with the baby... Hello? chopped liver here?

Mr Big Dubya said...

Some people appear to be a tad touchy on the subject.

Kara said...

yeah, W, I agree- def. sounding touchy. at least she's not level jumping.

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