August 13, 2005


Irish cousins will be spending a couple of weeks in Orlando -- so Granny & Aunt P suggested we pop down for a few days. Of course Granny pretends to be coming to see the cousins (who she just saw in Ireland 4 weeks ago), but we all know she wants a few days of unfettered access to 'Lil Dubya. I thought about it for a while -- kinda thinking that Orlando in August is probably not worth it, but.... I'm on maternity leave and it's just as easy to sit around a world-class Disney resort as it is to sit around my unkept house in Connecticut -- so hmmmmmm
-- Sit & battle the heat in CT or sit & battle the heat at Disney resort
-- Push stroller around neighborhood in CT trying to shed the last of the baby lbs or push it around DisneyBoardwalk where there are no open-container rules and lots of places dying to liquor me up
-- Spend my days taking care of 'Lil Dubya or spend them watching Granny & Aunt P fight over who gets to take care of him while I sip tropical concoctions by the pool

Ladies & Gentlemen, I have two words for you -- WE'RE IN!

I'd say that traveling w/ the 'Lil Dubya will be an adventure.... he's so young he won't remember seeing Mickey, but Aunt P insists on introducing him..... and I'm not going to deny her the indulgence.

So we are off on Wednesday for a few days away.... the Big Dubya can't make it... he's got some fancy meeting lined up with some Big Cheeses in NYC -- but he won't be bored... he's also got a bachelor party to attend (where he will remember he's happily married to 'Lil Dubya's mother, who is not afraid to open up a can of whoop-ass if he misbehaves)


Kara said...

you GO girl! one of the nicest things my mom's ever gotten for me was a b-day trip to FLA when baby buffalo was 6 weeks old. it'll make you want to fast forward 3 years to see everything through the lil guy's eyes.
sorry about the colic. if he wails on the plane, you can tell all the nosey people that you usually beat him keep him quiet but, at the moment, there are too many witnesses. that should shut 'em up.

Aunt P said...

And don't forget Chip & Dale. So yes, I do want the oppourtunity to see my adorable nephew for a few days, is that so bad? And is it awful to introduce him to some of his Irish cousins? I mean it's not as if we can pack up a car and do s 3-day road trip to see them? All and all, I think I'm a good aunt and am just makeing the best out of a golden oppourtunity.

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