August 14, 2005

Is it really a vacation....

Is it really a vacation if you bring your laptop with you and login to work every day (multiple times a day)?

As mentioned in a previous post.... Aunt P, Granny, 'Lil Dubya and I are heading to Disney for a little R&R with some Irish cousins. Any time I go away anywhere with Aunt P, she brings her laptop and logs into work. The plans usually start off with her swearing she's not bringing it, then her staying up all night the night prior to departure so that she can finish up that one last thing before we go so that she doesn't HAVE to bring it -- then she brings it so she can wrap things up "on the plane" -- and then it's logging in for just a few minutes (at least an hour) each day to "check-in". We are currently T-minus 76 hours to departure and we are still in the "I'm not bringing it" phase.

In fairness, I can't give her too much of a hard time -- her bringing her laptop means that I can quickly jump on and do some checking in of my own..... and I get crap all the time because despite the fact that I'm on maternity leave, I login to work every day and spend probably an hour reading & sometimes responding to emails. I know I don't need to do this.... there's probably some question of whether or not it's even legal (technically I'm on ST disability) but..... I like my staff and I want them to all still work there when I return to work. I'd hate to think that my absence is causing them any more grief than absolutely necessary -- but where do you draw the line?

I've been toying with bringing my laptop this time so that I can download pictures.... the digital camera is great and the laptop allows us to see how the pictures came out right away without having to rely on that microscopic screen on the back... generally this is where I say naaaa, with 'Lil Dubya and all his gear, I've got enough to contend with. I know Aunt P will end up bringing hers, so..... I'll just give her a hard time for bringing it and then use it when she's not looking :)


Aunt P said...

T- 27 hours and I'm still not planning on bringing it, although I'll be up for quite a bit tonight so I don't have to bring it. OF course if you want to twist my arm, I can bring it and we can post real time to this blog our experience in Disney. Just remember to pack your cable because your camera dosen't work with my cable.... :)

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