August 25, 2005

Where does the time go?

The Big Dubya kind of stole my thunder in his post yesterday, but..... where does the time go?

The 'Lil Dubya is 12 weeks today..... in ways it seems like yesterday, in others a lifetime ago. I remember Granny & Aunt P showing up at the hospital with preemie clothes so that the 'Lil Dubya wouldn't have to go naked.... I remember that even those preemie clothes were swimming on him and that the newborn diapers were huge -- no matter how tight we put them on, there would still be big gaps.... and he was stealth-like in finding those gaps. We had to get a preemie insert for the carseat, and even then we needed to roll-up receiving blankets to add additional support.... couldn't have him flopping around in there. The buckle on the papasan chair which should have secured him mid-upper waist, landed somewhere between his chin & his nose.

Now he's 12 weeks, and up to 7lbs.... he has just outgrown the preemie clothes that were once enormous and he's wearing the newborn size (0-3 mos still way too big). Those gapping newborn diapers are starting to get tight and we'll be graduating to the size 1's soon. We took the preemie insert out of the carseat, and only need a receiving blanket to cover his little legs.

I admit it, I'm a hypocrite..... I tearfully sat in the NICU begging this kid to gain weight, and now as I pack up his tiny little things, I look at my precious little boy and wish he'd stay this size forever.


Aunt P said...

I don't think any of us will consider Lil Dubya being born a premmie as a good thing, but you are right, we have been spoiled by him being so little for so long. I know some of my friend's babies were never as small as Lil Dubya is today, so they are completely jealous. So the tiny days are pretty much beind us, as I said in the big dubya's blog, now we just have an excuse to go shopping for cute, slightly larger, outfits!

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