August 24, 2005

WooooHoooo He Naps!!

I swore when I started this that it wouldn't be the traditional "Mommy Blog" -- I'm cooler than that -- there is more to my life than my baby. Well, no I'm not and no there isn't!

Since we brought him home from the hospital, my child will not sleep -- he likes to be up all day.... so we end up with an over-tired, colicky baby who screams and cries for hours on end no matter what we do -- and eventually he poops out late afternoon and passes out.

Every few days I come up with a new scheme to get him to take a morning nap and it ends up being a futile battle where we both end up crying -- but today's scheme worked.... not sure how or why, but it worked -- no crying, no screaming -- I put him down while he was awake, kissed him and walked off and he stayed there.... and he didn't cry..... and he just nodded off..... and I'm damn proud of myself.


Aunt P said...

Congratulations! And here's to two in a row!

Just an FYI, the picture from today's blog isn't loading. And neither is the one from 3 blogs ago (not the raw talent or the ESPN, the one right before it). Not sure why, but....

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