August 21, 2005

The day where nothing went right, well.... almost

The wake-up call came at 5:00 a.m., our flight was at 7:55 a.m., we were to finish packing up, feed the baby and get on the road by 6:00 a.m..... it was a good, solid plan.

We were doing great, the baby was asleep, packing was progressing nicely, and then the day took a wayward turn and never seemed to get back on track.....

Somewhere around 5:15, Aunt P announced that our flight was actually at 6:55 a.m., and that we needed to move....... so, the clothes don't actually get folded before going into the suitcase and the baby might get only a little fed, but it was all still doable.

Somewhere around 5:20, Aunt P realizes that her purse is probably still in the brewery where we had lunch yesterday...... probably not open at this hour..... all hope is not lost, ID is in shorts pocket -- many phone calls ensue -- messages are left, not much more we can do, purse will have to be left behind.

To her credit, Aunt P got us to the airport in record time, drops Granny, 'Lil Dubya & I at the terminal and runs to return the rental car -- 'Lil Dubya is now screaming because he really needs to get fed and the time is 6:25. We get in the crazy long line to check in and pretty much accept the fact that we won't make it. 'Lil Dubya spontaneously stops crying as Aunt P scampers through the doors just as we get to the front of the line. Snooty airline worker reminds us that we are late and that our baggage may not make it on the plane -- we begin to run.

As we are running toward the gate, the man yells "Are you Mrs Big Dubya?" -- Granny is shocked -- "How does he know who you are?"....... apparently, we are now famous.

Once we are onboard and settled in our seats, Aunt P decides to call her fiancee to let him know we are going to be arriving an hour earlier than expected (he was picking up Aunt P & Granny, my car is at the airport). Uh-oh, hell-day is not over, cell phone is still in condo...... it's okay, she can use mine.

9:20 am we arrive, Aunt P offers to go retrieve my car.... she knows where it is, and then we realize.....ticket is in her purse. Luckily, I've got the keys in the diaper bag. Aunt P goes to fetch the car, but parking guy will not let her have it without ticket (let's remember that she's the one that dropped it off, she knows where it is and she has the keys). I leave Granny and 'Lil Dubya at the terminal and ride the bus to fetch Aunt P & my car.

Aunt P calls fiancee.... he hasn't left the house to pick them up yet, he was asleep for earlier call... doesn't remember conversation about getting home an hour earlier... feels terrible. We tell him to stay put, I'll drop them off.

Load up the car, and get on the road.... 'Lil Dubya awakes screaming... of course, he's hungry


Aunt P said...

nice summary... For the avid followers, my purse was located at the bar and will be shipped 2-day mail. Cell phone hasn't turned up, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. On the plus side I may get a new fancy phone to replace it. Since most of you read this to hear about the challenges/joys of new parenthood, Lil 'dubya was an angel during the trip. A couple of meltdowns but nothing that has scarred me against having children :)

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