August 10, 2005

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

I don't want to complain, but when do the thank-yous end?

My sister (a.k.a. Aunt P) threw me a baby shower to end all baby showers..... it was beautiful, the food, the people, the gifts...... generous doesn't describe it. One of my gifts from Aunt P was the thank you notes... envelopes all addressed, all I had to do was write the inside -- it was awesome, and I cruised through them -- and it's a good thing, because as soon as the last one hit the mail..... I had another baby shower at work. Again, the generousity of people astounds me -- I got gifts, expensive gifts from people I hardly know -- and so, there was another batch of thank-yous to write, but how could I complain -- my baby registry was cleaned out, the 'Lil Dubya's room was decorated & furnished and his closet was full.....

Those thank-yous were on the front seat of my car the night I went to the hospital with chest pains and ended up having an emergency c-section. They were eventually mailed sometime after I was discharged but before 'Lil Dubya came home..... I know this because 'Lil Dubya wasn't even home when he started getting mail... and I don't mean junk mail -- I mean UPS & FedEx packages with even more generous and thoughtful gifts.... I was good, I brought the thank you notes with me and wrote them in the NICU -- there wasn't a lot to do while 'Lil Dubya slept.... so I'd write them and then put them in the mailbox at the hospital entrance..... thank-yous to friends, family, co-workers -- people I forgot I knew -- I think I came close to filling that mailbox a couple of times. Then the little man came home and I fell behind, but that was okay -- people understand.... new babies keep you busy.

Now the dilemma, we had 'Lil Dubya's christening on Saturday -- and yes, that means more gifts, and more f'ing thank you notes......

Here's the sticky part -- I owe multiple thank-yous to the same damn people! Yes, some of the people who got shower thank-yous, also need to get a new baby thank-you, and are now owed a christening thank-you -- betcha Emily Post doesn't cover this one! I feel bad cheating anyone out of a thank-you -- especially seeing how awesome the gifts have been, but.... good Lord I'm going to go broke between Hallmark & stamps -- and my handwriting has deteriorated to the point where people are going to think 'Lil Dubya wrote them himself. Isn't it silly to send the same person a second & a third thank you all for the same baby? I suppose it's the right thing to do -- three gifts, three thank-yous.... maybe I'll get the Big Dubya to write some.... at least they won't look quite so similar.

And no (this means you Aunt P) I wouldn't have more time for thank-yous if I didn't spend so much time on this blog


Aunt P said...

I like the blog and appreciate you taking the time to write it. So you can consider this a get-out-of-jail free card for my thank you for the christening :)

Kara said...

yes, you can send one note for multiple gifts. anybody who's had milk leak on her feet while she towels off after a shower will understand. and screw those who don't.
i think you're fabulous.

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