August 4, 2005

Wanted: Godparents for 'Lil Dubya

Tradition holds that the bestman & maid/matron of honor from your wedding will serve as godparents to your first child -- in our case, we're sticking with tradition. For godmother, or as she likes to be called, fairy godmother, we've asked my sister (aka aunt P) to serve as 'Lil Dubya's godmother. For godfather, we've tapped the Big Dubya's brother -- I'll call him Medium J (just to be funny, and because I know he's not a reader).

Like most sisters, P & I have had our fair share of issues -- but through thick & thin (skinny and chubby) I know she's there and that if something were to happen to me, she'd make sure my little man grew up right -- at the end of the day, she's my sister & my best friend and even when I hate her -- I love her -- I think that's the definition of sisters.....

My husband & his brothers have relationships I don't pretend to understand -- I have a sister and a brother -- I speak to P daily..... and I speak to my bro several times a week -- or at least trade phone messages..... the Big Dubya -- can go months without speaking to his brothers -- yet, get them together -- you'd think they were still roommates.

Medium J was kind enough to agree to be godfather -- he has 'Lil Js of his own, but he too would step up and make sure our 'Lil Dubya turned out right. My bro or the Big Dubya's other brother are also excellent candidates -- we are truly blessed to have so many good men to choose from.... (will the sentimental sappiness ever end???)

Just to be sure we made the right selection, we asked Aunt P & Medium J about their child-rearing philosophy -- Aunt P was confused by the question and Medium J admitted that he does whatever his bride tells him to do -- perfect answers -- I'm not sure we could have made better choices :)


Aunt P said...

I wasn't confused. I was pondering my answer. Guiding lil Dubya's spirtual path is a responsibiliy I take seriously and I didn't think it was appropriate to respond with the first thing that came to mind...

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