August 12, 2005

Oh..... he must be hungry

Why is it that every time a baby cries in public, some well-meaning busy body assumes that he/she's hungry? and feels the need to give his/her mother the "Why are you starving your baby?" eyes?

I can't tell you the number of times somebody has told me that my baby, who is rarely more than 3 feet away from me, is hungry. Is that the only possible reason a baby might cry, whimper, whine or moan? Geez, no wonder most of America's children are (or are on their way to being) obese -- people just stick a bottle or a boob in their mouth everytime they make a noise.

For the record, I take great pains to feed the 'Lil Dubya just before we go anywhere -- primarily because I don't want him having a meltdown in Stop & Shop... or wherever we are going to be. Now, I recognize that I am a rookie mother...... and I definitely don't know it all -- but 'Lil Dubya cries for all different reasons -- sometimes because he's hungry -- but often for other reasons -- gas, getting ready to shock his parents with how gross he can make his tiny little diaper, tired because the gas pains keep waking him...... it's not always because he's hungry -- and I can't always make him stop -- it's truly heartbreaking -- but it's the truth.

Some people are kind though... mostly those who've "been there" -- for example, a kind woman in Stop & Shop gave me her deli number which was many, many ahead of mine -- normally I would decline such an offer -- but I wanted to hug this woman. I hope to return the favor sometime when 'Lil Dubya isn't so 'lil and some other mother's baby is melting down in produce.


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