August 23, 2005

My kid's got talent

The Big Dubya, 'Lil Dubya & I live in Connecticut...... Granny, Aunt P and many of the other people mentioned in these posts live in the Boston area. As a result, we take quite a few road trips to visit friends and family. One such trip was last Wednesday.... 'Lil Dubya & I picked up Granny and then Aunt P to head to the airport. On the way to get Granny, I stopped at a rest stop off the Mass Turnpike to feed and change the little guy.

After having a baby, you learn all sorts of new things that can be discreetly done in the backseat of your car... breastfeeding, diaper changing, etc. Well, this time 'Lil Dubya's diaper was full, and I mean FULL of the good stuff. It's okay... I'm prepared for such occasions (note to the rookies, a roll of papertowels is always good to have on hand in the backseat). Just as I open the diaper, 'Lil Dubya reaches down, takes a fist full and rubs it all over his shirt.

What??? He's never done that before... he's never even ventured south of the equator before. Now it's on his shirt, it's on his arms, it's on his hands & legs, between his fingers & under his finger nails..... and I have to move fast because he's fond of putting his hands & forearms in his mouth. Thank Gawd for baby wipes & lots of them..... (note to the rookies, another good thing to have handy are plastic bags.... both for the dirty diapers/wipes and for the dirty clothes). Fortunatley, I keep a couple of spare outfits (along with ziplok baggies and a stain stick*) in the diaper bag, so we were changed and back on the road in no time.

* Stain Stick works great, but Shout makes these pre-treat wipes that work pretty well too -- they look like handy wipes and are lighter/take up less space than the stain stick


Aunt P said...

Maybe he is a budding artist and couldn't wait for you to get him finger paint.

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