August 19, 2005

Live from Disney...

As predicted, Aunt P brought the laptop along to take care of one little thing that would take 5 minutes on Friday morning....... a couple hours later, here we are.

I'll write a longer post when we return, but for now..... 'Lil Dubya has seen drunk girls throw up at the ESPN Zone, has done the Y-M-C-A at Planet Hollywood and has flirted with a cute stewardess to obtain his wings. He was terrific on the plane by the way, slept the entire flight.

His Irish cousins were smitten with him (of course) and Aunt P and Granny are trying hard not to fight over who gets to hold him....


Mr Big Dubya said...

That's my boy :-)

After all this, any other trips he takes will be run-of-the-mill - glad you all are having a good time

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