August 22, 2005

Back in my day, you got thrown out of a bar after you puked...

Not that I have personal experience in the area, but when I was young and frisky throwing up in a bar was a sure fire way to get thrown out..... apparently not in Disney.

As mentioned in a previous post, we arrived in Orlando late on Wednesday night -- and we were starved. The closest place to get a bite to eat was the ESPN Club, and it was dead so we popped in for a sandwich. 'Lil Dubya was an angel -- we ordered and were served in record time.

Just as our order came, a young woman scurried by holding her mouth.... you've all seen it -- puke spewing through her fingers and onto the floor -- except it's usually in a dark bar, late at night -- maybe around closing time. This was the ESPN Club in Disney, which is about as dark as a carnival and it was about 10:00 p.m., hardly late night. Aunt P & I giggled and really didn't know how to react -- Granny didn't know what to make of it, our little Irish mother has probably never seen such a site -- someone throwing up in public because she had too much of "the drink"... the horrors.

Now again, not that I have personal experience, but usually when someone runs from the bar in such a fashion, they don't come back..... or maybe they do, but they SNEAK back in. Nope, not this time.... a few moments later, this woman sauntered back in. She even took the time to stop and point to the trail of vomit that she had left to a waitress and then she returned to her table and resumed drinking. We were horrified. Our waitress stopped by to see how our dinner was, and I said fine considering we were about 4 feet from a trail of puke. She laughed and said, yeah, usually people choose a discreet corner or a booth rather than the main floor -- not exactly the response I expected.

I remember back in the day, we'd be leaving a bar and have to walk around such a display.... never did I imagine I'd have to navigate 'Lil Dubya's stroller around it......


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