August 30, 2005

The Freshman 15, 20, 25...... whatever

So no, I'm not a freshman.... just another woman trying to lose the baby weight, and achieve a shape better than " good for someone who just had a baby". A little more complicated when trying to care for the 'Lil Dubya who seems to be allergic to sleep, but I digress....

As mentioned before, meals which are quick, easy and one-handable are the key. Over the weekend, the Big Dubya and I were watching Fox News (translation: cable news show for Republicans) and they were doing a segment on the book pictured above -- after a bit of nostalgic reminiscing, I got a hankerin' for them noodles -- they were such a staple back in the day. I noticed they were on sale at Stop & Shop and I picked up a few packets.... quick, easy, can be eaten with one hand -- and let's not forget the bonus -- they are a bargain at 6 for $1.

As I was cooking my noodles yesterday (if boiling water is really cooking), I figured I'd see what the calorie content was.... imagine my utter shock

Calories 190
Fat 8 grams
Calories from Fat 70

In Weight Watchers language, that's 4 points -- and.... that's for only half the package. It seems that the tiny little (and apparently anorexic) people who work for Marchuchan think that "1/2 the block with seasoning" is a reasonable serving size. I'll give cash money to anyone who's actually gotten two meals out of these things. For those who don't speak Weight Watchers, someone my size would get 18-20 points for the entire day.... so if I were to walk on the wild side and eat the whole block of noodles, it would be almost half of my points.

Oh, and for you Atkins people... yeah, you are screwed too .. 25 grams of Carbs per serving!!


Aunt P said...

yeah, and to top it off, it falls into the ugly WW category that when you double the portion, it's more than just double the points. In this case the full package would be 9 points! Ramen noodles may be cheap, but they are evil!

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